Pre-Valentine Dinner lol



Actually we had no plan, no romantic moment, didn't even think about Valentine.

Just starving for first meal of the day at 6pm!!!


@Caribe Star - Myrtle Avenue, Bushwick

Pre Valentine Dinner lol 
Long Island Ice Tea...but without tea lol

˹ҵҹѡԢ ͹Ҿçҡ !!!

ҨšǷͧ褺ѹ 3-4 ͹ 555+  硴շ駤(ԧѧ)


Pre Valentine Dinner lol
Here we go Caribbean Food. Don't ask me what's is it :P

繡¾ѹ 繡´Ժ ͺͻ駹

͹ ҧ Ҵѡҧ  ԹšǨӪʹ


Pre Valentine Dinner lol
ѹ͹ѹ Ѻ繪ǤءѺͺҧ ԹѺ ´



ҧ׹е˹ѡҡ 仺Ҵҡжٻ

Pre Valentine Dinner lol


Pre Valentine Dinner lol 


Pre Valentine Dinner lol

й  çҡ Ѵⴹͧ ֧ 3 ҷաҵ֡


ѧ§ͧѧٻա -..-



<< Juicy Apple Pie + Pot Hole Muffins & ӻշʹӻFrozen Valentine @ Central Park >>

ͺس鹷ء鹷Ф  ˹ ѧǹ˹觡Ҩҡ鹷  Сա¤ҹ鹷  ͺس蹡ѹ  ͺسԧ  ˹  СѺҵͺӶҷ¡ѹ͹ :)

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Pre-Valentine Dinner lol
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